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Here's what you'll get in your Test Flight and when you become a Weekly Options member
Primary Live Trade Brief (PLTB)      Value: $2,295/yr
One weekly live training session every Tuesday morning from 0900-1030, longer term trades (front month and 2 years out) placed and managed in $100,000 model portfolio paper trading account, new trades and adjustments sent out via text and email. Managed by Whiz.
Weekly Options (WO)      Value: $2,495/yr
One weekly live training session every Monday morning from 13:00-13:30, approximately 1-3 new tactical weekly options trades added to model portfolio, new trades and adjustments sent out via text and email. Managed by Whiz.
Advanced Workbook ($55 Value)
The Advance Training Workbook is 198 pages of great content and is perfect for people who are looking to take their options knowledge to the next level. In the Advanced Manual we cover: 

Options Chains, Moneyness, Intrinsic and Time Value, Factors Affecting the Price of an Option, Premium, The Greeks, Volatility, Trade Planning, Long Calls, Long Puts, Protective Puts, Cash Secured Puts, and Covered Calls. There are also quizzes to test your knowledge as you progress through the lessons.
$4,845 Value for ONLY $38
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