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  • What Wall Street predicted would happen after the election...and how they are WRONG
    You'll see what we targeted heading into the election during the the most volatile year in our nation's history
  • Why Whiz Believes Panic Selling May Happen In December
    Every year on Whiz's birthday we see this phenomena 
  • A TOP SECRET Tactic Known As A ‘TREDGE’
    Discover how to place trades that can also serve as a hedge - 'what we call a 'Tredge' - and use the current market swings the rest of this year to your advantage  
  • Learn how to use Volatility as a POWERFUL Weapon
    Learn how to trade volatility around election 2020:
    "When vol is cheap - BUY it!"
    "When vol is expensive - SELL it!"
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Join Wall Street superstar CEO and former Navy fighter pilot 
Matthew 'Whiz' Buckley for 3 FREE live trading sessions this week to see where Whiz is targeting for MAX profit. 

Mr. Buckley was one of the ONLY financial professionals to get 2016 right - as the 'smart money' on Wall Street (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley) got it WRONG. 

Whiz not only predicted a Trump victory, but a market rally.

You'll be SHOCKED to see what Whiz believes will happen after Tuesday night...
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November 4th-6th
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Matthew "Whiz" Buckley
CEO, Top Gun Options
F/A-18 Hornet Pilot
TOP GUN Graduate
44 Combat Sorties
Top Gun Options portfolios profited over $2.5M Year to Date
a triple digit return in the most quarter in HISTORY!
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Accelerated Retirement
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Flight Schedule of Events

Wednesday November 4th 12 pm ET Top Gun Options Welcome Brief & Accelerated Retirement 

Learn how E. Matthew 'Whiz' Buckley, CEO of TOPGUN Options, went from the cockpit of an F/A-18 Hornet over the skies of Iraq to the corner office of a multi-billion dollar Wall Street options trading firm 

Get an in-depth brief on TGO’s 7 step proprietary trade plan 

Discover how Whiz beat the 'smart money' by MONTHS - predicting that China virus was much more serious than the market was pricing and in ONE day saw over $250,000 in profit on a handful of trades...on LIMITED risk...

Thursday November 5th 10 am ET: Weekly Debrief

See how this portfolio started 1 Jan with $100K and finished the 1st half of the year up $464K, a return of 364%

Friday November 6th 12 pm ET: Joint Primary Live Trade Brief & Weekly Options

Watch over the shoulder of a professional options trader as he identifies trades and adds them to his model portfolio where he manages them for MAX profit or ejects for min loss 

See the Strategic, Operational, and Tactical methodology live in action, in the market

 Learn the 7-step trade plan process via the “Demo/Do” method  

Your Bonuses For Attending

7-Step Trade Plan 
(a $55 value!)

We will take you step by step through what you need to know to develop and implement your own trading plan, including:

The 7 Steps To A Successful Trade Plan:

* Identify the target
* Describe the commit criteria 
* Strategic mindset
* Engineer the tactic
* State your tactical employment
* Midcourse guidance
* Exit plan
Trade Plan

Options Pocket Check List (a $45 value!)

Keep by your trading screen to help you analyze each trade before you send it to the market.

The Options Pocket Checklist, or OPCL for short, is a must have for every retail options trader. 

Just as an aviator has checklists that they live by, so do Top Gun Options traders. 

The OPCL includes our proprietary planning guide and breaks down over 35 tactics into the critical information you need to win in the combat of options trading. 

The tactics are broken down by skill level: Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced.
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