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This is Matthew Buckley, call sign Whiz...
I'm the publisher of Top Gun Options and an actual Top Gun Fighter Pilot.

I take the same approach to trading as I did to flying F/A-18 Hornets in Iraq.

Which is why I have a 92% Win Rate.

You see, in trading, just like in combat, there’s a winner and a loser.

And usually, the winners are the ones who are best prepared for combat.

That’s why my job is so vital.

We had a saying at Top Gun:

"You train like you fight and you fight like you train"

That’s why I spend so much time on research and preparing our members for anything the market throws at us.

I comb through the best trading research & intelligence in the world...

I then provide it to our members in an easy to understand (and even easier to execute) program that puts you in the cockpit and gets you taking aim at the profits you deserve.

And today, you’re invited to join my squadron.

That means that when I win 92% of the time, you’re right there as my copilot, getting in on the same trades while learning exactly how it’s done at the same time.

I've been in this business for decades...

Trading used to be a hobby for me.

After I retired from being a Navy Top Gun Pilot, I kept flying as an airline pilot.

Then 9/11 happened…

My world -- like the rest of the world -- was turned upside down.

That airline job was gone, and I turned to trading to support myself and my family.

At first, things...

Weren’t going great.

If you’ve ever struggled in your trading, you know exactly what I’m talking about…

I was basically guessing. Rolling the dice when I “saw a setup” I liked… Or EVACing out of a trade just because “a guy I know” said to get out...

I was reacting instead of thinking.

Then everything changed when I took a deep breath, remembered my Top Gun training, and applied the same tactics and approaches I mastered in my XX years as a Top Gun Pilot.

The same tactics that kept me alive in 44 combat sorties over the skies of Iraq .

You see, these tactics and strategies, when I applied them to my trading plan... All of a sudden I went from breaking even…

To winning 92% of the time.

Those tactics kept me flying steady when everyone was crashing all around me.

And they helped me keep flying as I shot up the Wall Street ladder, leading a multi-billion dollar Wall Street Options Trading firm.

But I got sick of Wall Street quickly.

Coming from Top Gun, I always came from a “lower a ladder so everyone else can get up” mentality.
And on Wall Street, when you get ahead… well they just pull the ladder up behind them so no one else can follow… and that just wasn’t for me.

So I used my Top Gun approach to trading to help level the playing field for my students against Wall Street traders...

Especially over the last couple years...

When analysts predicted Clinton to win the presidency…

And bet accordingly...

My students and I rode my Trump prediction for the presidency AND the market explosion…

Wins piled up for my students and me thanks to my Top Gun Options proprietary 7-step trade plan of attack.

That approach helped me predict the market rally under 45.

And when to get out of the tech wreck as I publicly called the FAANG crash…

Except for Amazon....

Even as I called the tech crash, I bought IN to AMZN, seeing huge wins while so many traders saw their accounts drop alongside Netflix...

Being America’s only Top Gun Trader gives me a unique advantage...

I’m trained to be at my very best when things are most stressful. So when everyone panics over market volatility, my students get to utilize my background to see consistently see big wins...

I've seen a lot of things over two decades of trading...

But a 92% WIN RATE is something I’ve only ever seen myself produce.

How do I do it?

Well, I can’t share that with you just yet, but my members can tell you how they feel…
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Check out what some current Top Gun Options students
had to say about their membership:
Why do our members love us so much?
It’s not just about the 92% win rate...

It’s about the trust.

In trading, just like in combat, you need to trust your squadronmates.

That’s why many of our original members are still with us today -- almost 10 years later.

They trust us to help them complete their mission, and we trust them to contribute to the strength of the squadron.
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Here’s everything you get as a Top Gun Options Member:
Get New Trades Every Monday with the Weekly Options Live Trade Brief (WOLTB)
Every Monday, you’ll have access to a live training session with Matthew Buckley, the Whiz himself, where you’ll discover 1-3 new tactical weekly options trades you can launch in your own portfolio the very same day. 

No guesswork. 

No staring at charts for hours on end.

Once a week, you can join Whiz live and get actual options trade recommendations.

And for anyone who can’t join the live brief, you’ll get new trades and adjustments straight to your inbox and smartphone through text and email alerts.

In combat, the side with the best intel is almost always the side that wins. And the WOLTB gives you the intel you need to start every week off with a win.
Get Mid & Long Term Trade Picks Every Tuesday in TGO’s Primary Live Trade Brief (PLTB)
Each week, you’ll have another, separate live training session focused on intermediate & longer term trades. 

These trades utilize Top Gun Options proprietary 7-step ‘trade plan of attack’, but focus on trades lasting from one month to two years.

These trades go into Top Gun Options’ private trade hub/HQ, which is only accessible by TGO members.

And just like with the WOLTB, new trades and adjustments are sent to anyone who can not attend live via text and email alerts, so that you’re always prepared.

That’s important because preparation prevents panic, keeping you on the winning side of trading.
Exploit the Different Types of Volatility with Weekly Analyze Your Trade Training Sessions (AYT):
One of the most popular benefits available to Top Gun Options members is the Weekly ‘Analyze Your Trade’ training sessions.

Every week, Matt ‘The Whiz’ Buckley personally leads a live training session specifically geared towards showing Top Gun Options members the differences in types of volatility -- and how to exploit them. 

Plus, Top Gun Options members utilize AYT sessions to explore earnings and identify the most profitable earnings-based trade opportunities every quarter.
Conservative Trade Approach to Help Members Prepare for Accelerated Retirement (AR):
Top Gun Options Members are trained in tactics to help you win your trades.

Members are often successful utilizing aggressive, proven tactics to see larger returns more quickly than traditional traders who see modest returns at best.

But TGO also ensures that our members are protected with weekly Accelerated Retirement (AR) training sessions.

This “Defensive” track has a weekly trade idea input into the Top Gun Options’ private trade hub/HQ, only accessible by TGO members.

These are more conservative, long term trades focused on protective hedges for traders.
BONUS: Full Throttle Training Series (Valued at $897) 
This step-by-step video series walks you through a variety of topics specifically designed to provide in-depth training across all facets of trading, including:

     ● Session 1 - Trading Methodology Intel Sources
     ● Session 2 - Long/Short Calls/Puts
     ● Session 3 - Covered Calls and Cash Secured Puts
     ● Session 4 - Bullish Vertical Spreads
     ● Session 5 - Bearish Vertical Spreads
     ● Session 6 - Double Verticals
     ● Session 7 - Diagonal and Synthetic Stock
     ● Session 8 - Iron Condors

This bonus training can help you identify and fill in blind spots, so that you can become a well-rounded, consistent, profitable trader.
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